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How Fashion Brands should use Digital Media

With over 118 million Facebook users and 75% of online population being under 35 years of age digital media should be the obvious choice of many fashion brands and designers in India.

Sadly that’s not the case. Leading fashion brands are the only ones doing justice to their digital media presence, balance are struggling big time.

As per a survey social media ranked as #1 source of information on fashion trends, way ahead of fashion magazines and other sources!

If as a brand owner of a fashion brand is giving you sleepless night about your digital presence, here is what you should do:

1. Choose social media platforms for your brand

You can not be on all platforms in one go, and you have to start somewhere before its too late. At the minimum you need a responsive non-ecommerce website which is integrated with your brand’s social media. Most of the fashion designers in India are still struggling at that level.

The website should have a blog. That’s where you can write about things important to you and your brand that Google can pick and keep ranking you higher.

Fashion is a visual medium and so is social media. A big reason why social media resonates so well with Fashion. The following platforms can be exploited to tell your brand story:

1) Facebook
2) Instagram
3) Pinterest
4) You Tube
5) Twitter

You Tube and Twitter can be left for a later stage once you get a handle on the first 3 platforms. If your brand (or you) are famous and known to masses then Twitter can be started in phase 1 as well.


2. Manage Content

Once you know the platforms get down to what content will go where and when. Mostly all of your content can be used on all mentioned platforms, though Pinterest can be a bit different. Pinterest boards can showcase your designs as well as mood boards.

Figure out what your customers care for. Do not bombard them with product information. Direct selling on social media feels no different to pesky calls by tele-marketers. Make a page that resonates with their passion. If you make wedding trousseau think about the one who will be interested in same and what she is likely to read. You can make a page regarding ‘Life after Marriage’. Seed your brand content between conversations but mostly keep it to stuff that matters in and after marriages.

If you are on You Tube you can have videos like ‘How to tie a sari’, most of the girls want to learn before marriage and they are likely to see the video in hoards.

Encourage user generated content. People love to see themselves on someone else’s page. Given them a hashtag and let them tag and show you and the world how beautiful they look wearing your clothes. If there are too many people and too many platforms use Olapic or Photoslurp to curate the pictures.

Last but not the least – don’t have a team and wondering how to manage so many platforms together. You can start as small as having a person who can write and publish content and a graphic designer (you have to guide with the content strategy though). Most of your content can go on multiple platforms. Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer can help you manage the same.

Good luck becoming a successful fashion brand on social media.

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