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How a brand should leverage Instagram.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Never this saying was as appropriate as it is today when the world has Instagram with 300 million followers and still counting. Being an iphone only app in the initial days, it was slow on numbers till the world of Android opened opportunities beyond expectations. But the revolutionary moment happened when Facebook acquired Instagram unleashing high levels of engagement any app had witnessed before.

With Instagram posts getting 58 times higher per-follower engagement than Faceboook it truly is a gold mine for brands. What is more noticing especially for brands is the way Instagram thrives on organic reach which is not even close to reality on Facebook. With stricter algorithms, tighter policies, Facebook reach for brands has come down to NIL and this is where Instagram wins over.

Here are three things brands cannot afford to miss doing on Instagram

1) Look Who’s Talking
People love to talk on Internet, even the most introvert ones. And people love to click – themselves, pets, food, travel, tattoos, and things that fancy them. Your brand needs to be that thing. Start a cool #hashtag (remember ‘cool’ because nearly half of the Instagramers are below 24 years of age), and ask people to use it when they interact with your brand. Say you are a brand which makes hoodies you can ask people to post selfies wearing your hoodie with a hashtag #UNDERTHEHOOD and the best pics will be featured on your website, then let the magic roll.

Take these user generated photos to your website and other social media platforms that your brand is present on. The Instagramer has InstaFame and other customers get a ‘social proof’ that your product is adding value to someone’s life. Everyone wins!

2) Meet The Fockers
Every brand has people who build and preserve that brand. Show your followers how your people do it. Take them behind the scenes to show the passion and love that your people put into the brand and serve them. Show them how the product is coming to life from concept to creation. Nothing works better than people finding the brand approachable. By opening up your doors through Instagram you are just doing that. You are inviting them in. You are making them a family. You are telling a story and people love to hear it, better – SEE IT !

3) I Know What You Did Last Summer
Keep track of your most passionate followers; the people who love to love you. People who were always there since last summer to like and comment on every photo you updated on Instagram. They are your Champions. Pick a few out of them to be your brand ambassadors. Give them your product for free to use and flaunt on Instagram. Since they are already passionate about it they will be natural too. Much better to have 100 champions and give them product for free than having 1 celebrity who couldn’t care less after the brand shoot is done.

Instagram is a visual platform. Interaction with brand can be much intimate – in form of photos and videos.  Brands should utilize this opportunity to the fullest. Also the platform has a much better reach to younger audiences and people who like fashion, food, travel. So if you a brand catering to any of these people what are you waiting for. Get cracking on Instagram!

Instagram is the only visual ride you can give your audience for free so make it worth their time and love.


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