A new age marketing firm
A new age PR and Communications firm
A new age marketing firm
A new age PR and Communications firm
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Find new ways.

With new media comes new challenges. It's an ever changing world.

Fluid, dynamic, even restless.

It's no longer about saying your point, now the consumers talk back.

We help brands discover the best way forward in today's scenario.

We help with insights about ever changing consumer, market intelligence, competitor analysis.

We help brands discover branding and marketing strategy which is not carved in stone but is sharp and ready to answer any situation that this new world order might inflict on it.

We offer:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Consumer Insights
  • Market Analysis
  • Competition Mapping
  • Brand Representation Services

In the world full of marketing clutter we help brands discover the power of correct strategy to get heard by the right people at the right time.

We also represent international brands in India and help them connect with the consumers as well as trade partners.

Design title

Less is more.

Our design philosophy is simple. Yes. That's it. It's simple.

We hate clutter and we hate ugly.

And we design communication to straddle across mediums. Traditional as well as new.

We design brand identity keeping in mind how the brand needs to interact across media.

We design brand campaigns that can run seamlessly across magazines, TV channels and digital platforms.

We make photos. We make films. We make ads. We help make a brand.

We make:

  • Brand Identity – logos, letterheads, business cards
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Social Media Content
  • Digital and Ad Films

We design communication that is relevant and robust.

Digital title

Now and ever.

Digital is no more the future. It is the present.

Let's face it, digital is no more a mere part of brand communication strategy. It is THE strategy. It is the central piece around which brand communication revolves.

We are lucky to have started at a time when digital was taking shape. Having learnt on the way we are better placed today to advise what a brand needs on digital.

We know when a brand talks today people not only stand up and listen, they also rise up and interact.

Engagement is the reality of today. Technology is the driver.

We create engaging content, we mine meaningful analytics, we help with digital media relations.

We do:

  • Digital PR
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Production - campaigns, infographics, videos etc
  • Bloggers Outreach
  • Digital Media Relations
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Analytics

Engagement is the reality of today. Technology is the driver.

"Because the people who thought of changing the world are the ones who did it", Steve Jobs

We Love Him.

Everyone has a hero. He is ours.

We started a few years back when 'selfie' was not a word in the Oxford Dictionary and the first iPad was just being released. People were happy reading the magazines and watching their favourite shows on TV. New media revolution was just about starting.

We are the children of that revolution.

We grew with new media. We grew with new realities of the communication world. We grew with new ways people would get to know about a news, interact with a brand, or simply amuse themselves.

We are Troika. A new age marketing firm.

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